Catching up on me since October--that was so long ago!!
Hawaii in November--playing hookey!
Italians love Il Calcio--we call it
soccer. In Firenze (Florence) the
team is La Fiorentina. This is the
team shirt. Gli amici di mio nonni
comprato per mi.
Grandma's only 36! She's my best girl!
Christmas at my house! Next yearI will say
"Buon Natale" and Babbo Natale will visit
I am a very studious kid! See my glasses?
But--no glass!  This is Lara--she is teaching
me Italian. I am getting pretty good.
I went to a DANCE! These are my girl friends.
Me--the athlete. I play soccer, basketball
and baseball. I am learning karate. I like
skateboarding and riding my bike and razor
This is my friend Jacob. We are on
the Green Jackets. Aren't we funny?
Learning to drive. See what I did to the driveway!
My Grandma always told me..............
When I get totally bored, I watch the
food cooking.Papa says I'm weird.
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Italy, Casey and Other Good Stuff
Time To Catch Up
Well, I haven't given you any new stuff for
a while--guess Gramma and I have been
just too busy getting ready to move to
ITALY. Yep--you read right--Noi andiamo in
Italia! Io studio l'italiano con la mia
insegnante. Capishi?
I am a really, really good hitter.
My buddies--we were on a school field trip
to Balboa Park. We had a good time.
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