Of People and Things and Casey--Another Look at Cruising the Galapagos
Casey helping Nara, our guide.
Casey--He thought he was pretty hot stuff!
Us---Ken and Jane
Driving the zodiac-what fun!
Our group--The Cormorants
More Cormorants

We were assigned into
groups of 14 the first
night with each group
having a guide. We
were VERY fortunate
as our group loved
Casey, making him the
mascot, and our guide,
Nara, was
ble, personable, fun,
highly competent,
willingly took Casey
under her wing and
more. As there were
curmudgeons who
mumbled about having
children on board, we
felt very fortunate for
the kindness and
comraderie our group

If anyone ever asks
you if a trip such as this
is wasted on
children--the answer is
a resounding NO.
Casey loved it; he did
not interfer with adult
pleasure' he learned so
much and continues to
share his learnings with
us and friends.
Children grow mightly
through  mind
expanding experiences
such as this.
And more! Casey had so much fun.
What do you see?
The Amazon Rain Forest
China, Peru, Tanzania, Spain, Italy, France, Travel with Children

 Fernandina    Isabela    Seymor Norte    Bartholome    Baltra    Santiago    Santa Cruz    San Cristobal    Espanola     
We were on one of the larger cruise ships (96 people) because we felt that would be safer and better for our 5 year-old
grandson. Had it just been the two of us, a small yacht would have been our choice. But--we did thoroughly enjoy our
experience. Because this is not a "cruise" but the means of moving from island to island, the on board time is functional, and
purposeful--eat, sleep, change clothes, attend naturalists briefings and a enjoy sense of comraderie with "your" exploration
group and other new friends.  Cabins are nicely kept and spacious as they are little "suites" which means a nice size sleeping
area and a separate sitting area with couch and table--for us this was made into a bed for Casey.
Oops--whose navigating?
   Explorer II

The schedule for the day
was pretty constant
from day to day:

Up at 6:30
Breakfast at 7:00
In dinghies at 8:00
Morning exploration of
coast and an island.
Back on board at 11:45
Lunch at 12:00
In dinghies at 2:00
Back on board at 5:00
Evening briefing at 7:00
Dinner at 7:30
Evening activities

The major disappoint-
ment with this vessel
was that the food was
mediocre at best.