Carruba di Giarre:      AZIENDA AGRICOLA CORRIDORI; Ristorazione Tipica
A wonderful family restaurant associated with their agriturismo.  There is no menu.
Guests are served a steady stream of Sicilian dishes. More food than you can eat. There
is a pleasant, colorful, authentic ambiance and an orchard/garden to stroll after eating.
Tel: 095964249  Cell: 3471734459   
Via Pio Xii n. 112   Carruba Di Giarre
Open Friday/Saturday for lunch and Sunday for dinner.

(If you see signs for S. Leonardello, follow them and when you get to this little place in the
road, stop and ask someone how to go the rest of the way--and have your "be patient" hat
St. Tecla                              LA BETTOLA DEI  MARINAI  
This was one of our most favorite dining experiences in Sicily.
Click here for description of our evening here. This is a fresh fish, local restaurant.
Via Canale Torto, 34   St.Tecla  095-876352  or 095-898129  Closed Tuesday.
Syracuse                                   EL TEATRO RISTORANTE
Right outside of the Parco Archeologico. We enjoyed the food. It is very convenient when
going to the parc. You can park right there at the back entrance and then after eating walk
straight up the hill to the ruins. Otherwise, finding a place to eat around there is difficult.
There are  three separate dining options here--a regular restaurant with a several menu
selections (fish, pasta, etc.); a panini place and a snack type food area. We ate a the
restaurant and had very good shrimp and pasta dishes.
To get here you do not go to the top, main entrance where all the vendors but below there.
You might want to ask someone where it is.
Sciacca                                      HOSTARIA DEL VICOLO
This is an upscale, fine dining restaurant. It is a member of the Slow Food movement.
Reservations are recommended. We had an excellent meal here.
               Vicolo Sammaritano, 10  Sciacca   Tel: 0925-23071     
Sciacca                                               U CUTTIGGHIU
We thoroughly enjoyed our meal here. This was a new restaurant--opened just two days.
We hope that it is successful and that it will still be open when you look for it. You will find
more about this on the page of my
narrative.   (Just scroll part way down that page.)
Cortile Bellanca, 16  Tel:0925 81955
Monreale:                                           TAVERNA DEL PAVONE
This is a wonderful trattoria very close to the cathedral. We stumbled on it but in later reading
find that it is highly recommended in many sources. If you do not have reservations, try to get
there at the beginning of the meal hours.
Vicolo Pensato, 18
Tel. 091-6406209  E-Mail:   Website:
Palermo                                     ANTICA FOCACCERIA S. FRANCESCO
This is a famous and very well known eatery in Palermo and has been here since 1834.
There is a downstairs area which is very casual and serves focaccia sandwiches as well
as other things. This part is very famous. Then there is a third floor formal dining area
with a full menu. We ate upstairs and had a good meal. Next time we will try downstairs.  
Reservations are not needed here.
Via A Paternostro, 58  tel: 091-320264    E-mail:
Open daily from 10:00 to midnight.
Palermo                                              CASA DEL BRODO
This restaurant is again very well known. As its name suggests it specializes in soups--but, we
had fish and pasta. While in Sicily Ken and I feasted on seafood and the only things Marc and
Casey ever ate were pasta and pizza (all 5 weeks in Italy!). It was a wet, rainy day in Palermo
and we burst through the doors at the very end of the afternoon hours. But--we were welcomed
and the service was good--as was the food.
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 175   Tel: 091-321655  Reservations are recommended.
Open 12:00-16:00 and 19:00-1:00.  Closed Tuesday
Castelducchia                BROOKLYN PIZZERIA AND RISTORANTE
This is a family restaurant popular with residents. We had a good time here talking with
John who lived several years in New York--hence, the name. 48 Via Ugo la Malfa.
Villa Praiola is a wonderful small villa on the eastern coast of Sicily in the Carruba-Riposto area.  It is set
among a lemon orchard and faces Mt. Etna on one side and the lovely Ionian Sea on the other. My
complete review and pictures of our stay here click
Villa Praiola.   If you are interested in this property,
Ville in Italia as the owner does not book directly with guests. I can not speak highly enough of
Ville in Italia but will say that I look forward to doing business again with them. We were totally impressed
with the agency's integrity and client friendly service. Additionally, several apartments and villas which I
looked into were offered by multiple agencies. Ville in Italia's rental fees were always lower for the same
This is a self-catering B and B accommodation located on the hillsides of Sciacca.  For
more of my information on our stay click
Verdetechnica and scroll past the Agrigento
pictures. Their website is   
Limoneto is 9 km outside of Syracuse. It is a simple agriturismo set among lemon
groves in the country side. Click
Limoneto  and scroll down a little bit for more of my
comments and photos. Their website is
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