The legendary trip down the Yangtze River inspired our journey to China this year, as in November, 2002, the
magnificent Three Gorge Area will begin its dramatic change until in 2009, the water level will have risen a total of
175 meters at the highest point. Sites of entire cities, ancient temples, farming lands, historical treasures will be under
water. The full grandeur of this spectacular region, one of nature's greatest creations, will be lost forever. It will
always be beautiful but never in the same way as we have been fortunate enough to see.
Fengdu--The Story of a City Along the Yangtze
Fengdu is a city being reborn as soon the
rising waters of the Yangtze will submerge
the city that has been.

The old city, in the foreground of this
picture, is being dismantled bit by bit. Across
the river is the new city. Very few people
were still living in "old" Fengdu when we
visited. Most had already relocated to new
apartments and the more modern
In Fengdu, the "Ghost City", the ancient and revered temple area perched on a hilltop will be
preserved by making it an island. It was interesting visiting the Budhist temples here as the
statues and temples themselves are so different from those in Tibet--also, here they are
primarily relics of the past--with many fewer worshippers.
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The Three Gorges
-Yangtze River-
The Princess Jeannie--Regal Cruise Line
Yangtze in Black and White
Cliffs, bends and shorelines, shrouded in diaphanous mist and clouds, create a mystical, other-worldly sanctuary.  
Solitary fishermen in little skiffs and sampans arrange nets in the yellow water while along the shore other nets are
drying and new boats are being made. High on the mountain sides plots of land are tilled and harvested. Picturesque
houses and small communities can be glimpsed through trees and bushes. Silence is profound--until a ship breaks it
with the resonance of its horn sending messages to other river traffic. Water buffalo, oblivious to intrusion, stand
knee deep in the water, burying their heads as they eat the river grass. Scenes inscribe themselves indelibly on the
Waterfall Along Yangtze
Sampan on the Yangtze
Fishing Boat Along Yangtze
Cliffs along the Yangtze
Wu Gorge
Along the river, beautiful scenery frequently becomes consumed by old towns and villages being "deconstructed" and
entire new towns rising higher up mountainsides or across the river. It is an amazing sight and an endeavor of such
magnitude that, even after seeing it, it is difficult to imagine that it could have been conceived of as possible, let alone
implemented.  The sounds of sledge hammers ring out as workmen stand on top of buildings, taking them apart piece
by piece--later to dynamite the remains. Where entire small cities stood, there is now only stubble strewn ground.
Gleaming new cities with tall apartment buildings, new streets, stores, and all that goes with life stand high above--new
utopias for many of the people who have moved from old and dirty places.
Tearing Down Building in Fengdu
Newly Built Fendu Across the River
Fengdu City in Front Will Be Totally Destroyed--New Fengdu Across the River
Temple on Fengdu Hill Top
Pagoda on Fengdu Hilltop
Fengdu Buddha
Gateway leading up to temple area. This will be gone when river floods.