The Hadzabe live in a remote area
of the Kidera Region in the Rift
Valley. They are one of the last
hunter/gatherer tribes left on earth.
The Hadza gather their food daily.  This
day they feasted on a bat-eared fox.
This is Galfani. He is highly respected for
many reasons, including having shot a
giraffe with his bow and arrow. The
Hadzabe are the only peoples in Tanzania
allowed to hunt the giraffe.
This is Snake. He brought in the
bat-eared fox.
Immediately a fire was started with sticks
and then blown on to get it going strong.
The fox was thrown on the fire just
as it was brought in--fur and all.
When fur was singed off, fox was eaten
in its entirety--it was still bloody and raw.
The baby was given the fox head
to gnaw on. Look closely at this.
The Hadza lead a semi-nomadic life.
Their huts are quite unsubstantial.
Digging for roots--the day's
food supply.